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McDonough Innovation

McDonough Innovation provides thought leadership, strategy, and advisory services to commercial, governmental, and not-for-profit clients globally. McDonough Innovation’s values-driven approach helps companies to embed sustainable growth principles into their corporate culture and to advance progress toward their positive vision. McDonough Innovation staff support Mr. McDonough with data analysis, project management, research, and graphics.

William McDonough + Partners

William McDonough + Partners provides architectural design services, planning services, and design consulting. WM+P specializes in sustainable design related to the circular economy. Often, these services are complimentary to McDonough Innovation’s client work.


MBDC are the original creators and among the foremost implementers of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard. MBDC has expertise in product design, chemistry, manufacturing processes, and product material health. MBDC supports McDonough Innovation as needed to provide technical expertise additive to McDonough Innovation’s client work.