Cradle to Cradle® by Design

We employ a Cradle to Cradle Design™ approach, as articulated in Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. Cradle to Cradle Design is fundamentally about improving product quality by moving from simply being “less bad” to becoming “more good.” 

Our consulting engagements and designs embody Cradle to Cradle Design™ thinking. To achieve our vision of making the world better now and for future generations, we leverage a different approach to design. While each project responds to its unique application, budget and schedule, a few simple approaches remain constant.

Begin by designing for a beneficial human footprint.

Our ambition is not to be less bad (e.g. produce less carbon) but instead to be inspirational, more good and positive (e.g. use renewable energy).

Use principles, goals, strategies, and metrics (in that order) to guide action.

This structure produces effective results, encourages innovation throughout project teams, and ensures project alignment with organizational values.

Understand the context.

A careful inventory of environmental, social and economic forces reveals a host of resources, opportunities and challenges that can give meaningful form to the final design solution.

Be self-replicating.

Document the design process and share lessons learned. Improve upon what others have done before.

The Triple Top Line

McDonough Innovation ESG Design Framework
Enterprises of all kinds can design using McDonough Innovation’s ESG Design Framework, recognizing all stakeholders, not just shareholders. It is a design tool based on environmental, social and economic principles connected by coherent governance. The goal of the tool is to scrutinize and optimize all values represented by the triangle, to render the information visible, and encourage constant improvement.

Continuous Improvement Through Collaboration

The Net Positive Chart

Our collaborative process is based on learnings from extensive innovation work with businesses over two decades. We have found that close collaboration is highly effective in meeting the needs of our clients because of the innovative nature of our work. 

The Net-Positive Chart enables many industry sectors, including product manufacturers, to 1) inventory, 2) assess and then 3) optimize products, processes and systems with positive intentions and beneficial goals.

STEP 1: INVENTORY:  We conduct an analysis of existing products and processes, assemble project teams, and align project values, and principles, and goals in collaboration with our clients.

STEP 2: ASSESS:  We evaluate findings from the inventory phase with the Cradle to Cradle® Design Framework, define a current-state baseline, and lay out a strategy for optimization.

STEP 3: OPTIMIZE:  We collaborate with you to develop and execute an actionable continuous improvement plan. Often this includes identifying follow-on projects based on our client’s desires.