Aly Khalifa

Chief Technical Officer

Aly is an expert in sustainable design innovation that leads the team at McDonough Innovation. Trained as both a detail-oriented mechanical engineer and a conceptual product designer, Mr. Khalifa has 28 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing unique technologies around the world. His clients have spanned from Bausch & Lomb and Seventh Generation to Walmart and Li&Fung. His collaborations have garnered more than 40 patents, been nominated for a Grammy Award and exhibited in the Louvre. Aly is an active Eisenhower Fellow and has garnered significant attention as a voice for sustainable design entrepreneurship, leading to lectures and mentorship worldwide.

Aly has founded and exited numerous innovative endeavors, including:
Plastic Collective, a pioneer in fugitive plastic recovery and credit with remote and vulnerable communities through deployable IOT-enabled recycling operations
Oceanworks, an ocean plastic marketplace for consumer brands
Designbox, a multi-disciplinary product innovation consultancy that has launched products for some of the most exciting sports brands in the world.
Gamila, a gourmet product brand and Kickstarter sensation that was acquired by Seventh Generation